Sickness absence is an expensive business – for any business.

Here at COHS we will support you in managing your sickness absence effectively. We’ll help you to minimise lost time and to maximise productivity. In short, we’ll help you make major savings.

We offer a clear referral pathway, with information for the employer and employee beforehand. We can provide a telephone or face-to-face service with the right professional for the particular circumstances.

Each review is tailored to the individual employer and employee. We provide a bespoke report, and can liaise with an employee’s GP or specialist for more information if needed.

Employees may be referred for a variety of reasons including:

  • Following an accident or incident at or outside work.
  • For advice regarding fitness for work or for training.
  • Advice regarding adjustments that would allow an employee to remain in work.
  • As part of a sickness absence management plan, either short or long term absence.
  • For a variety of health conditions to assess their impact on an employee’s ability to work.
  • Assessment and advice during pregnancy.
  • Fitness for disciplinary.
  • Whether an employee’s condition is reportable under RIDDOR.
  • Advice regarding a company’s obligations under the Equality Act 2010.
  • For those considering ill health retirement or a pension medical.