Supporting a Return to the Workplace During Covid-19

Friday, 7 August, 2020

As workers assess the risk of returning to the workplace, employers are increasingly turning to occupational health professionals for advice and support.

Here at Commercial Occupational Health Services Ltd (COHS), we are supporting our clients by providing individual health risk assessments for staff returning to work after shielding or furlough.

Our doctor-led services ensure we are able to offer professional advice on the fitness for work of employees who may be vulnerable to Covid-19 because of their age, ethnicity or underlying health conditions.

Using up-to-date medical research, we are able to assess an individual’s vulnerability to severe illness with Covid-19.

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has produced an online toolkit to assist in these decisions.

Dr Nicola Dann
Dr Nicola Dann GP, Director and Founder of COHS

Dr Nicola Dann GP, Director and Founder of COHS, said: “This toolkit has been a fantastic resource in helping us to advise employers on how to safely reintegrate their staff into the workplace.

“The toolkit has enabled us to assess the risk according to the latest medical evidence.

“We are finding that the majority of people are in the low or moderate risk categories.

“This is helping to provide much needed reassurance to vulnerable employees, giving them the confidence to return to the workplace. We have also been able to support employers in how best to mitigate this risk further.”

Here at COHS we are committed to helping you and your employees to remain healthy during the global pandemic.

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